About Us

The Next Generation AI Survey Tool from The Crowd Wisdom Project.

We collate wisdom and find harmony

Founded by a British lawyer, we are a non-profit organisation, trying to make the world a better place, one AI project at a time.

We believe that people are good. We believe that people want the best for their communities, for their workplaces and for their countries.

By using the best AI survey technology – Polis – through crowds, we collate wisdom and find harmony. The climate emergency demands that we all must make difficult compromises.

As an international team ourselves, we want to help decision-makers, anywhere in the world. No project is too small or too large. Pay what you want for this service.

Our Mission

We solve contentious problems. We discover the best ideas within a crowd. Where there is division, we create consensus. We help environmental groups to save the planet.

Meet the team

Our team come from many backgrounds, disciplines and countries.

andrew gray polis ai

Andrew Gray

Founder & Director

Andrew is an experienced former lawyer, who practised in England. Andrew is perhaps the first political candidate to use AI in a parliamentary election in 2023. Andrew founded his own law firm – Truth Legal. Unusually, Andrew has been involved in all of the main political parties in England. Andrew ran a community podcast; founded an international NGO specialising in Myanmar; runs Immigration Lawyers Organisation; ran a debating organisation; runs an English language school in Tenerife; sat as a charity trustee; and created a number of successful businesses and campaigns, including the Harrogate District Consensus. Andrew blogs at www.andrew-gray.org and occasionally writes for a regional newspaper on political matters. Andrew has a degree in Economics, Government, and Political Philosophy.

dr anthony dixon

Dr Anthony Dixon

Chief Data Scientist

Anthony is an impassioned Data Scientist, deeply committed to leveraging AI for democratic enhancement, with a specialized focus on Generative AI. Well-versed in harnessing advanced statistical and machine-learning methodologies for NLP tasks, adeptly analysing data to forecast trends crucial for democratic processes.

He demonstrates a keen aptitude for conducting comprehensive analyses, utilizing insights to inform strategic decisions and catalyse societal progress. As a former Officer in the Army, he possesses robust leadership capabilities and excels in articulating findings and implications clearly to stakeholders, facilitating informed discourse vital for nurturing democratic ideals.

Mike Jerome

Mike Jerome


Mike lives at the intersection between Software Engineering and Customer Success, looking after startup customers at AWS (Amazon Web Services). Previously, Mike led teams at IBM, Hallmark, Heroku, Salesforce and FinancialForce.

You’ll often find Mike walking his daughter to school or his son to football practice. Left to his own devices, he’ll order a black Americano while reading up on a new web framework.

Andrew Paice

Andrew Paice

Polis Consultant

Andy Paice is a participatory democracy facilitator, convener and consultant based in London. His interest in facilitating group conversations began with involvement in democracy campaigns in the early 2010s. Experiences of collective breakthroughs in group discussions ignited a desire to learn more about facilitation and how communities and societies come to mutually beneficial outcomes. This interest set him off on a career path which has included designing a series of over 40 community assemblies in the London Borough of Newham, numerous Citizens’ Assemblies and juries on Climate Change and deliberative workshops. Andy has been working with Polis since 2019 in multiple uses with local government and he recently advised the set up of 5 nationwide Polis conversations for the Austrian Climate Assembly. When he’s not doing democracy activities he enjoys swimming, cycling and gardening.
paul thistlewaite

Paul Thistlethwaite

Polis Consultant

Paul is an experienced group and process facilitator and passionate advocate for sustainability and participatory democracy, with 20 years’ experience of driving sustainability in the construction industry. As a freelance consultant he has helped clients run large online events and public policy assemblies. He specialises in designing bespoke deliberative workshops where he employs a wide range of deliberative and digital engagement methods to maximise participation and inclusion. While supporting initiatives like Trust the People, TalkShop and in founding Thinking Box he has run over 200 community and business events.

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