Unlocking the Power of Team Consensus in Law Firms

Successful law firms thrive when there is unity and consensus, with everyone pulling in the same direction. But how do you get there?

Law firm Partners and Owners often believe that they have their fingers on the pulse, yet the realm of honest feedback remains elusive. In the competitive, high-pressure legal environment, true, transparent communication can be a rarity.

The more hierarchical a law firm, the less willing junior colleagues are to speak up. Good ideas often never see the light of day. People who do not feel listened-to are usually quick to leave a law firm, causing disruption to the firm and to the clients, not to mention causing significant cost.

How can you overcome the challenges that your staff are experiencing, if you don’t know what these are and what they really need or want?

These themes beg the critical question: how can you involve your talented lawyers and staff in the development of your business and support them at the same time?


What is Polis AI and how can it help?

Polis is a user-friendly, AI-powered, real-time conversational tool for gathering, analysing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words – thus giving them a voice and you up-to-date authentic information. It is the most effective interactive staff survey tool on the market. It is a super-fast tool for providing Legal Business

Owners and Partners with invaluable data on which to build highly effective teams. It is a cultural game- changer.

This is because Polis AI software anonymously collates the very best ideas within a group of people and then builds consensus around those very best ideas. This means that there are no limits to the number of participants and this makes it a very inclusive tool as everyone can be included in real time.  Thus, it becomes a key step to ensuring you are able to reach out to your employees in a supportive way that quickly engages them to open up and generate ideas about what would enable them to perform to their best.

Also, Polis is very useful in obtaining ‘buy in’ to your proposals where you don’t have time to ‘talk’ to everyone or even the managers about their concerns. This can help eliminate any premature initiatives driven by a sense of urgency that either miss the mark or are short term to solve an immediate problem.

A really useful by-product of Polis is that it creates a collegiate and happier workforce. Why is this important? A recent study by Oxford University’s Business School has highlighted that “Workers were about 20% more productive in weeks when they were happy as compared to weeks when they were unhappy. But they were not spending more time in the office or taking shorter breaks. In fact, they were simply more efficient with their time.”

How does Polis AI work for you?

As the independent trusted advisers, we guide you in setting the statements on your chosen topic and then seeding the anonymous conversation to promote responses. Moderation by us is done is real time. At the end we produce an overview and a detailed report enabling you to build your legal business with engaged lawyers and staff.

If you want to know more about how we and Polis AI can help you then contact either Andrew or Ann to arrange a non-obligation meeting.

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